Valentine’s Frivolities

Let the catch up posts begin! Things that happened in February no. 1: Valentine’s Day.

Rob and I decided that we’d do a “handmade” Valentine’s celebration this year. Neither of us approve of the commercial meat grinder that has all the shops pushing red love heart covered items of all shapes and sizes at you from mid-January, so we thought we’d just do a dinner & DVD night in.

I also had a WIP on the cards for the past few months that I thought would be an ideal Valentine’s gift. Originally I’d intended to make it for our 3rd anniversary (last weekend in October), then for Christmas, but those deadlines just flew by with it in a frogged state. Anyway, it still wasn’t finished by the time I got home on the 14th, but that was ok as it turned out Rob was also making me something that wasn’t ready either! Eventually, at 11:05pm, I handed over a little Valentine’s Monster, made to a free pattern by Emma Varnam with the love heart to a free pattern by PlanetJune:



At the same time, Rob handed me a felt plushie Super Meat Boy! All his own design as well. :D




He towers over the little Valentine’s monster! Anyway, as previously mentioned in the flower posts, the dinner was postponed until the following Thursday. I raided the BBC website for some recipes, and decided on pan-fried duck with roasted veg pilau rice and plum-berry sauce and sautéed potatoes with lemon and rosemary for a side dish.

Whilst cooking, I came up with a novel way of displaying the recipes to free up the worktop.


I use clothes pegs for so many things, and hardly any of them involve hanging up clothes! Anyway, 2 hours or so later, ta-dah!


See what I did with the sauce? It really didn’t work on the other plate though, need more practise. Ok, so dinner was a bit later than usual at 10:30pm, but we had a lovely time. Rob had tidied up the dining area (this was much more difficult than it sounds) so we weren’t eating off our knees as per usual, and laid the table with giant tea lights from his camping stash and a bottle of wine. Bloomin’ marvelous! :)


The food was delicious, especially the rosemary and lemon new potatoes! And the pilau rice was amazing, well worth the extra effort involved massacre-ing a butternut squash. The recipe (supposedly for two) made enough rice to feed us for lunch the next day. I’m not complaining though. ;) I think I could have cooked the duck a little longer than I did as it was still on the rather bloody side. Still, neither of us died, wahey! Next year I’m buying the ingredients the day before though…


29 Flowers, 29 Days: Day 5

Today’s flower: Buttercup


I’m so tired – it’s 2am again – so unfortunately that brief photo will have to encompass everything that went into the buttercup for today. Reason why I’m tired, it’s late and that’s a crocheted not knitted flower? Cakes to take to work tomorrow, as it was my birthday and cakes are demanded.

Lemon drizzle cake (recipe), pre drizzle:


Disastrous carrot cake (recipe here, which I’ve tried before 3 times very successfully, but not in this cake tin (yes I’m blaming my tools like a bad workman ;) ) ), with sunken centre:


Tried icing it in stripes, that failed miserably too (not enough icing sugar concentration) so used the time-honoured fix all of covering it in white chocolate stars:


Blurry photo is blurry. :( BTW, if you put the stars on while the cake is still warm, they go soft and stick to the cake.

Finally (and this is more for my friend Barry, who’s computer this used to be, and for my friend unitled) I have a working computer that I can install and run games on for the first time in 4 years:


The question is, now I can actually play games again, will I still carry on with crochet and knitting? Only time will tell (I’m betting that I will btw).