The seed of a sprout

Not gardening, but the start of a Sprout blanket! I’m hoping to turn the below pile into one over the next few weeks. Cheers to Knittin’ in Britain for the idea!


The original pattern calls for Spud & Chloe Sweater yarn in the Grass colourway. However, this being an American luxury(ish) yarn, trying to get enough here in the UK to make a blanket in would set me back £33. So I’m using Paton’s Cotton Twist in Lime instead, bought from Pack Lane Wool at a much more reasonable £10.92 for 6 balls (plus one extra they sent me by accident, yay! I did offer to return it but they declined).

I really shouldn’t start anything new given the number of WIPs I have sitting around, but I think I need something to kick start me back into knitting and crocheting again. That’s my excuse anyway and I’m sticking to it. ;) This WIP really wants me to finish it though, just look at its poor, forlorn eyes…



9 thoughts on “The seed of a sprout

  1. Hey, are you taking part in the ravelympics? I think I will be, I thought I would knit a shawl for it then realised I’ll have finished my mum’s by then and will probably need a break from shawls before I knit the next one for my gran. Reckon I’m going to do the cowl neck jumper that’s in my queue, with long sleeves instead of short because seriously, who the hell wears a short sleeved wooly jumper?

    • I don’t know. Have you chosen a team yet? It’s certainly appealing – I’ve just found out work might be seconding me out over the Olympics and I’ll have a lot of time on my hands to do some fibre-y stuff. :)

  2. Is this blog still going? I’ve been naughty and not checked for a while. Just remembered it now after our earlier discussion.

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