You can’t keep a good amaryllis down

Except that’s misleading, as wikipedia tells me they’re actually called “hippeastrum” (despite being commonly known as “amaryllis”). Anyway, I digress.

I bought an amaryllis bulb from ASDA some time in December, costing the princely sum of £3, and it came in a sealed box. I had good intentions of planting it up before Christmas but it sat in the kitchen, forlorn and forgotten (doesn’t this sound similar to the rhubarb story? My kitchen is obviously some sort of plant limbo.). About a fortnight ago I glanced at the worktop and saw this:


It had decided not to wait for me and started growing. Out of the box, it looked a little anaemic but otherwise ok.


Fortunately there was a bit of space on my incredibly crowded windowsills for it. If anyone’s interested, the blue tin bucket is also an ASDA purchase, and also for £3. I must say I found that one so charming I bought a second (although there isn’t space for it on the windowsill yet!).


Since then it’s greened up a lot and got even taller:


Here’s hoping for some stunning flowers soon! Hope everyone had a good Easter weekend. MIne was incredibly busy and rather expensive, but I’ll post about that later. :)


2 thoughts on “You can’t keep a good amaryllis down

  1. Just wondered if £3 is the reduced price or the full price? Did it flower as the colour depicted on the box?

    Might look out for them this year.

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