Winter Photos

I’ve been going through my photos from January and February, and just wanted to share my favourites. Sometime in January, Rob and I were visiting his parents in Hemel Hempstead and decided it was a grand day for a walk, so we went up a local lane called ‘Cherry Bounce’. According to ‘Our Dacorum‘, the lane got its name from the cherry orchards that used to be in the area. Anyway, it was a lovely day.








We wandered through beech woods, muddy paths, dank and cold flint-lined cuttings and looked over the rolling Chiltern hills. Lovely.

Anyway, as a bit of a contrast, here are some of my favourite garden photos from February. First up, snowdrops from Rob’s parents’ garden:


Also, flowers from their money plant, which I have just this minute found out is a crassula ovata or jade plant:


A hellebore in my parents’ back garden:


Crocuses poking through the snow on my front lawn (how I first found out I had more than one crocus!):


And finally, sparrows and a blackbird grabbing spilt seed in the snow (I hang the bird feeders in the damson tree that’s in the right of the photos, and they’re messy eaters to say the least!):



I always hope that one day I’ll see some birds other than house sparrows, wood pigeons, blackbirds and the odd collared dove, but it never happens. I think the sparrows must mob them or something.

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