March is gardening month!

I have done next to no crochet/knitting so far in March. However, this is because there is SO MUCH to do in the garden! Since my last post, there has been much more happening on the spring bulb front which I will post about later. But first, I weeded and extended the daffodil bed. Before:




Looks so much better! See, there were actually some daffodils present. The bamboo canes and twine in the first picture were there to mark out the border edge, which I then went along with my trusty half moon spade (a present from the lovely Rob) to sever through the encroaching lawn. I didn’t bother cutting the twine, just left the ball by the second bamboo cane and then rolled it all back up after I finished.

Earlier that day I visited B&Q and somehow walked out with about 15 sets of plants from their sale trolley (cheapest 10p, most expensive £2). Oops. Anyway, some of these went straight into the lovingly restored flowerbed, including a hellebore (niger):


and some snake’s head fritillaries (fritillaria meleagris), one of my favourite flowers:


Both don’t mind a bit of shade which is good as that border hardly sees any sun. Similarly for the primroses that went in afterwards. I’ve been meaning to get a hellebore for a while now as they have beautiful flowers and are so beloved by bumblebees (proven by the bee dipping into the ones in B&Q). I’m still on the lookout for a few more, and hopefully my Dad will get me some divisions from his hellebores later this year. Fast forward a fortnight, and the daffodils are finally opening!


Currently there’s only three daffs open, and I can only see one other bud at a first glance. Not a great number, but I think that maybe they like a bit more sun than they’re getting. Hopefully a few more will show up over the coming weeks, along with the alliums I planted there last autumn.

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