29 Flowers, 29 Days: Day 28 & 29

The final two flowers! Sorry for the delay in posting these up. I finished the last one late Wednesday, then real life intervened for a few days (Rammstein concert and a hen party among other things). Also, keeping up with the challenge for the past few weeks has really tired me out, and I needed a few days off to sleep and catch up with housework.

So, day 28 was finally the turn of the dreaded pelargonium! These are more commonly known as geraniums, and I think this one definitely looks a lot more like a geranium than the one I did for day 10. Why dreaded? Well, there’s a fair bit to it, and I must say it took me more like a day and a half to complete. BTW, this is intermediate crochet pattern no. 68.

First you make 5 flowers:


The flowers themselves were quite hard to work out how to finish. I’m sure I’ve not done them quite right, and I spent a little while forcing the petals into the right arrangement. The next step is to add green stems and centres to each one:


Fortunately the process of adding stems improved the petal arrangement somewhat. Finally, you combine all the stems into one giant stem! The instructions said to leave one end 8″ long for each stem, and then use one stem (out of the five) to do 16 dcs over the rest. I had just enough yarn for 8 dcs. I think next time I’ll leave something closer to 16″… This photo shows how I laid out the flowers before knotting them together, trying to keep each the same distance from the knot:


Making the uber-stem was incredibly fiddly. After doing the 168dcs, you had to pull the remaining stems one at a time through the middle, and do dcs at the top to draw the flowers together. I abandoned this method after 2 stems and instead of doing a dc I just wrapped the tail-end around the flower stalks in a basic knot and pulled tight, which was far easier and worked far better than the dcs. Ta-dah!






 I’d say this flower definitely embodies the pelargonium successfully! I am surprised at how well it turned out considering the amount of frustration it caused – the making up was one of the worst to do out of the 29. I’m not sure I’ll attempt it again for a little while, I’m a bit pelargonium-ed out.

The final flower, day 29, is a viola for Rob’s Mum and Gran, advanced crocet pattern no. 99. When asked which flowers they liked, they came up with a wood violet, so I tried to make the closest thing I could given the patterns available. To that end, I made the flower out of one shade of purple, although this does make distinguishing between the petals quite hard.

First three petals completed:


With final two petals in viola formation:


With final two petals in wood violet formation:


There! Finished. It’s not that impressive a flower to end on (I’m not sure why it’s an advanced pattern either, the pelargonium was far harder to do!), but I’m so, so, so happy to have done it! Tomorrow I’ll sort out all the ends that I haven’t darned and then take some photos for a round up post, when I’ll also announce who’s suggestion I’m going to use to display all the flowers. If you haven’t yet made a suggestion, feel free to put one forward on this post (I’m looking for a way to display all the flowers together). There’s a prize for the best one! :)

2 thoughts on “29 Flowers, 29 Days: Day 28 & 29

  1. Hmmm, what to do with all the flowers? How about you make a bouquet or couple of bouquets by sewing them together and then sell it (at a craft fair) and give the proceeds to a charity close to your heart?

    • That’s a good idea! I am a bit selfish though, and I’d like to keep them with me. I am planning to make some blanket squares though – there’s a lady near Brum that sews all the squares together and donates them to nursing homes nearby.

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