29 Flowers, 29 Days: Day 27

SW: Today we have an extra-special guest post by my friend unitled who had never picked up a crochet hook before making the 27th flower. I’ll let him carry on from here!

Today I have been mostly playing… Crochet a Flower Simulator!

Actually, I haven’t. I’ve taken the advice of my Dad to heart, and done some REAL crocheting instead (erm, that is, advice about doing things in the real word… as far as I know, my Dad is AT BEST indifferent towards crocheting).

My wonderful friend Gemma who runs this blog and I have done a cultural exchange; she has played a game neither of us has played before, and I’ve had a go at doing a crochet flower. I don’t think I’ve knitted or crocheted in my life; I remember making pom-poms in primary school (I think this involved making loops of cotton around two cardboard rings, then cutting through them… hardly a highly skilled task!), and I did make a rather nifty drawstring bag at secondary school, but I have absolutely zero experience with any other fabric-based craft.

Gemma had picked out a nice simple crochet pattern for me, a lazy daisy I believe (I don’t know how that is different to a normal daisy… maybe the normal daisy gets up earlier?). Well, she assured me it was simple; there were more arcane words and diagrams than in some of the nerdier dusty tomes I’ve got stashed in the loft! The basic patten was to make a yellow chain, join it back on itself to make the centre of the flower, follow that round with double crochets, then do a series of white chains around the outside for petals. I think I have all the technical terminology there! (SW: Top marks!)


Gemma worked along with me, teaching me the different stitches as we went. I found it alternately annoying and relaxing; when I got the hang of a stitch, I could let myself go on. It was similar to the mental relaxation I used to get doing maths in lectures at Uni: when I had a fat, juicy equation to work on, I found I could not worry about anything else and simply concentrate on the task in hand. With the chains at the end, I found myself wishing they were longer so I could get more into the motion!


(SW: (short) video evidence! Mwahahahahahaharrrr! Although that appears to be a yarn under instead of a yarn over… <.<)

However, I must admit there were a couple of times when I nearly let frustration get the better of me and give in. Sometimes it seemed like you’d need three hands to crochet effectively, and I couldn’t seem to see quite what I was supposed to be doing. The relatively simple flower I did here has given me a whole new-found respect for the amazing creations Gemma has produced over the past month on her blog!



(SW: Left flower is a demo one, made out of 4ply cotton, Right flower is unitled’s, DK acrylic.)

I definitely think I would give this another go. Once I got the hang of a few of the simple stitches (as in, so I’m able to talk and stitch at the same time without the quality of one of the two suffering) I think I’d be able to do it while listening to music or radio, maybe half watching the TV. So, if Gemma will take me back as an apprentice, I’m eager to learn more!

SW: Congratulations to unitled on finishing the flower! I’m very impressed, especially as it’s the first crochet thing he’s ever made (and I’ve plenty of spare yarn and hooks now to lend out to any future padawans). Also, my thanks go to photographer Rob. :) Click here to read my review of Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth on unitled’s challenge blog. Tomorrow I’ll post up the final two flowers – they were definitely completed within the time scale, promise!

4 thoughts on “29 Flowers, 29 Days: Day 27

    • Heheh, I’m glad Peter suggested we did a swap, and that he was game enough to try crochet. :) It was a lot of fun, although I think I need to improve my teaching skills…

  1. Well done Peter, that is a really good daisy! And well done Gemma, for being patient enough. ;) It was funny how Peter said that he couldn’t talk and crotchet at the same time…I can just imagine that!

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