29 Flowers, 29 Days: Day 26

On Day 26 I re-attempted my Dad’s flower choice, the snowdrop! This is beginner knitting pattern no. 9. I initially tried it last week using embroidery cotton but that was just a nightmare of yarn splitting and it was impossible to keep an even tension, so at the weekend I acquired some No. 3 crochet cotton (DMC Petra) and 3mm double pointed needles and tried again. The DMC Petra is at least one hundred times easier to use, so much nicer than the embroidery cotton! Anyway, I digress. The first step is to knit three petals:


Then you combine them into the one (flat) flower by knitting the four stitches from each petal as one row of twelve, starting with white cotton and switching to green after a few rows. Finally, I made a stem. I could have sworn I took a photo at this stage, but it seems I was too tired and went straight to bed afterwards. :( Anyway, the following day I used the ends to tidy up the petal edges (not the neatest knitted things I’ve ever made), seam the flower piece into a tube and attach the stem, and then it was finished!



You can see a bit of an end in the above photo. I didn’t cut them flush with the fabric as I normally do as the cotton was a bit slippery and therefore felt like it was likely to work loose.

Later on, the snowdrop spotted unitled‘s zombie army shuffling around in the background and, Triffid-like, advanced on the attack…


I’m well chuffed with this. I did have a lot of doubtful moments during the manufacturing process as the petals looked incredibly scrappy, but a few judiciously placed stitches whilst darning closed up all the gaping holes and tacked down the flailing loops. As a result, it does actually look like a snowdrop! But you can judge for yourself – instead of linking to Google images, I’ve got some of my own reference photos to post up today! The following was taken in my parents’ front garden:


In Rob’s parents’ front garden:


Some frillier ones in Rob’s Gran’s front garden:


And finally, one from my front garden! Look, the bulbs I planted last October actually grew!!! :D :D :D


I’m so happy that I have snowdrops in my garden. Everything I read said that they often like to settle in somewhere for a year or two before flowering, and here they are flowering a mere 4 months after planting! :) Also, it seems front gardens are the fashionable place to plant your snowdrops. I hope you enjoyed the pictures of real flowers for a change. I have at least three gardening posts to go up just as soon as this challenge finishes, charting my latest successes and dismal failures. But before then I have to get through days 27-29, and speaking of which there’s a special guest post in store for the next flower…

6 thoughts on “29 Flowers, 29 Days: Day 26

      • What’s SF? Science-fiction? I’m not familiar with this story. Maybe I should be.

    • Sorry, yes, SF = Science Fiction. It’s a fairly famous story, written by John Wyndham and set in the 1960s. I first heard of it as my Dad always referred to ominous, large, invasive plants as “Triffids” and said they were going to get me. :) It’s well worth getting I’d say.

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