29 Flowers, 29 Days: Day 24 & 25

Apologies for the radio silence, I was down south for Rob’s Mum’s birthday. Flower making did continue though, promise!

Day 24: Camellia, advanced crochet pattern no. 92:


The resemblance is fairly accurate to the single camellia, and certainly the resulting flower is quite attractive. I did mess up the placing of the inner petals but I didn’t have enough time to undo them and start again, so I’m calling it my slightly mutated camellia. With hindsight, I should have done an easier pattern on Friday as although this one wasn’t that hard to crochet, it took ages. Long story short, I finished it on Sunday afternoon. However, this late on in the month I’m running out of quick patterns so beggars and choosers etc. Also, the excuse this time is that I spent most of Friday evening packing and being driven down south with not much chance for crochet (now if we’d taken the train…).

Day 25: Scottish Thistle, intermediate crochet pattern no. 61.

Ever since I saw this pattern I knew I had to do it. I still found it a bit intimidating though, which is why it’s quite late on. It’s done in an almost amigurumi style which was a nice change from 2D flowers, and was actually fairly quick and easy to do (silly me for not trying it earlier!). So you make a head and stem:


The head was constructed in a basic bowl shape and then stuffed with the purple yarn ends (ok, pink in this case, but I had no purple in the right shade). The book’s instruction for the purple bits was to cut a load of short lengths of yarn and tie them in a tassel. I decided that this would result in bits of yarn everywhere so instead I folded a long length of yarn into a concertina, tied it round the middle and cut through the loops at one end. I then wrapped it loosely with some spare red yarn (from a failed camellia petal) to add to the stuffing.


Then all that’s left to do is sew the stem onto the head! I made my stitches radiating out from the stem in all directions so that it would stick out perpendicular to the head and I reckon it’s worked rather well.


Looking good! Definitely one of my favourite patterns so far, with a great effect / effort score. Also, fortunately a lot less spiky than it’s natural inspiration. I think I’m going to have fun chasing people down to tickle them with the soft, brush-like petals over the next few days. Rob, beware!

Anyway, Day 26 will follow in its own post – it is made, but I reckoned 3 flowers in one post was pushing it ever so slightly.

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