29 Flowers, 29 Days: Day 23

Today we have a Narcissus (please note this is the flower that looks like a daffodil, not the Greek dude who loved his reflection). It’s an intermediate crochet pattern, no. 71 in the book, and constructed in one piece unlike the daffodil I did a while back. Anyway, it looks like this:


If you turn it on its front, it looks like a six legged spider, or maybe a small crawling robot:


*crawly crawly crawly* across the desk…

I don’t know if you can tell, but the photos are slightly better lit today. That’s because my Rob is an awesome Rob who bought me a bright halogen lightbulb for my little study. Yay for being able to see! :D

Also, pelargonium, what pelargonium? <.< (I decided that flower was best attempted on a non-work night).

I’m still wanting suggestions for what to do with the 29 flowers at the end of the month. I’ve decided the person with the best suggestion gets to choose up to 5 flowers out of the book, which I’ll then make and send over. So far, the winner is NOT my Dad with his suggestion of a hideous Easter bonnet (bringing back horrific memories of the Easter bonnet parades at school, just as he intended). Shudder. Mind you, I’ve no idea what he’d do with the flowers if he won. Maybe make them into soup… Anyway, the other suggestions so far include:

  • Pinning them all on to a cushion (James at work)
  • Putting them on straws and turning them into a bouquet (Rob’s Mum)
  • Making a blanket and putting one flower on each square (Amanda)
  • Putting them all on a hat (My Mum)

I’d definitely like to do SOMETHING with them, I just have no idea what!

7 thoughts on “29 Flowers, 29 Days: Day 23

    • Cheers for the suggestion Eddie. :) I could do, but I think I’d like something that keeps them all together. Also I’ve visions of them falling down all the time, like with my massive film posters at uni. Anyway, it’s in for consideration. :)

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