29 Flowers, 29 Days: Day 21 & 22

Day 21: Cornflower, advanced crochet pattern no. 100. I may have chosen this one just so I can say I’ve done the first and last patterns in the book…



That one bit of green yarn represents a thin stem, not an end I forgot to darn. Obviously, it is lacking somewhat in the structures department.


The above photo shows the centre a bit closer – this was done with a loop stitch, quite a fun stitch once I got the hang of it and stopped trying to garotte my finger.

All in all, I’d say that this design is pretty triumphant and well deserving of the coveted “last pattern in the book” spot. It definitely looks like a cornflower to me. It took a while to complete though, I had to finish the last two florets in my lunchbreak on day 22. :( I did spend the evening of Day 21 trying to be social in a dimly lit pub though, so as always I have my excuses. ;)

Day 22: Apple Blossom, intermediate crochet pattern no. 67. This was an instant gratification flower after yesterday’s long slog, although I had intended to do pattern 68 (pelargonium) instead. Alas, the time available did not allow for it, so that will be tomorrow’s flower.


It’s not quite obvious in that photo, but the petals curl forwards like with true apple blossom. If it was a bit later in the year I might have been able to post up some home grown blossom to compare (unfortunately I can’t find an equivalent photo from last year).

Only a week’s worth of flowers remain! I’m still open to suggestions as to what to do with all the flowers. I might give out a prize for the best one – anyone fancy a flower or two?

2 thoughts on “29 Flowers, 29 Days: Day 21 & 22

  1. Could you please explain exactly how you did that specific loop stitch? I am at a loss how to do it and can not accomplish this flower. Thanks for paying attention

    • Hello, thanks for the comment. I can’t remember off the top of my head, but I’ll dig the book out and try to refresh my memory. If it’s done with a needle and yarn, it’s probably something like:
      1. Push needle through from back to front of flower centre.
      2. Push needle through from front to back, close to where it came out BUT place your finger under the “loop” to stop it from disappearing
      3. Do a small stitch in the back of the flower centre to fix the loop in place.
      4. Repeat for rest of loops.
      5. Profit!

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