29 Flowers, 29 Days: Day 20

Today’s flower was going to be the one Dad chose (knitted pattern), then when that failed it morphed into a similar crochet pattern, then when that also failed, it became a santolina, intermediate crochet pattern no. 72.

First make a puffy ball and a stem.


Ah, the stem. My old nemesis, crocheting into a chain, we meet yet again. Anyway, these are then combined into a flower (admittedly it would be strange if they weren’t). I decided to stick the end of the stem into the puffy ball and tighten the drawstring, thus making a pompom on a stick rather than a flattened dish with the stem emerging from behind it (what the book flower looks like).




Ok, maybe real santolinas are a bit less puffy (I also stuffed the flower head with one of the yarn ends) and a bit flatter, but I think this is much more fun. ;) 3D flowers for the win! I’m not sure when I’ll re-attempt the flower Dad chose. I might have to abandon trying to match the suggested yarn and just go with the best of what I have available instead. 9 flowers left now, it’s a proper countdown…

2 thoughts on “29 Flowers, 29 Days: Day 20

  1. I think this crochet business reflects your flair of problem solving and pragmatic attitude. I would have given up at year dot or simply wouldn’t attempt such an epic project. Well done, my girl!

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