29 Flowers, 29 Days: Day 19

Today my Mum chose the flower, and she went for a flared rose, beginner crochet pattern no. 45.

This is possibly the most tedious flower to make so far. It involves doing the same stitch nearly 200 times with very little variance. In the ruffled rose (flower for day 18), you also do the same stitch hundreds of times, but at least you change direction every few stitches. Anyway, first, make a long strip that has one side longer than the other, and therefore forms a spring shape:


Then you iron it flat and coil it up, securing it as you go. That is to say, you don’t “roll” it up as I did on my first go (and got something like a flared pink carpet roll) but you make it into a flattened coiled spring, decreasing the diameter towards the end. After that first disastrous attempt, I decided to coil it loosely first, make sure I was happy with the shape, and THEN AND ONLY THEN secure it. And I ended up with this:


If anyone’s at all interested, the back looks like this:


I had a look on ravelry for inspiration after the first failed attempt, and I can safely say that I’m not the only one that was confused by the making up instructions. Anyway, tedious flower was tedious, but was slain in the end. While it does look mildly appealing, I think I will avoid it in the future unless specifically requested to make one. Dad’s flower choice is lined up for day 20, only 10 flowers left to make!

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