29 Flowers, 29 Days: Day 17 & 18

Ok, so I was a little busy the past two days. I did make the flowers, but it’s taken a while to assemble flowers, computer, internet and camera with enough time and energy to post.

Day 17: Irish Rose, intermediate crochet pattern no. 62, done in embroidery cotton with a 2mm hook.

This one wasn’t too bad to crochet. The only difficulty lay in making the structural bars for the later petals. I found it hard to force the (fairly blunt) hook through the post loops of the previous round but fortunately my trusty cocktail stick saved the day:


Finished rose:


Yay! Finally did it! I’m really happy with this, not least because I managed it around the beer festival, despite misreading the pattern and doing an entire round with the wrong stitch (idiot!).

Yesterday’s flower (Day 18) was a ruffled rose, advanced crochet pattern no. 94, done in DK acrylic with a 4mm hook.

This flower was constructed in a completely different manner to all the other ones I’ve done so far, and it made a refreshing change from the usual. I won’t go into too much detail, but you work vertically off a base structure. Anyway, after doing what seemed like thousands of stitches, I completed it late last night. Back first:


Then the front:


My Dad’s comment when he saw it was that it’s really a jellyfish, and I think on this one he’s probably right:



If I ever need to make a jellyfish, I now know how I’ll go about it! :D It’s a massive flower as well, easily fills my palm. Most of it was done on trains between Doncaster and Leeds as it was my friend’s birthday yesterday and my presence was requested at Jamie Oliver’s restaurant (in Leeds obviously, the day he opens one in Doncaster is the day I start liking Michael Buble). I could hardly say no, could I? OM NOM NOM.

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