29 Flowers, 29 Days: Day 16

Day 16’s flower is a meconopsis, easy crochet pattern no. 50. According to wikipedia, this is a Himalayan plant (nicknamed the Blue Poppy) discovered on a failed attempt to conquer Mount Everest, which has since become fabled/notorious as it is very difficult to grow. There’s also a yellow cousin native to Wales called the Welsh Poppy that’s so easy to grow it’s considered a weed…


The original plan to make an Irish Rose went out the window unfortunately. Yesterday was the night of the postponed Valentine’s Day dinner and by the time I’d fought my way round ASDA and finished cooking it was 10:30pm. After all the food was consumed, there wasn’t much time left for flower making! I will definitely make it today though, being at the Derby winter beer festival will not defeat me!

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