29 Flowers, 29 Days: Day 15

Today I attempted a Zinnia, intermediate crochet pattern no. 75 using DK 100% acrylic and a 4mm hook.

First, make 9 petals shaped like lemon segments, and joined in a ring:


I found the trick with these was to pull on the previous petal to stretch out all the chains that were “eaten” by the petal you just finished – this made it a lot easier to find which chain to attach the next petal to. After that was completed, the next step was to make a central disc:


Then combine the two (showing the wrong side):


I got terribly confused by the combining instruction in the book, “…using backstitch over edge chain, stitch to centre of flower”. It’s like someone rote taught electronics being given a really complicated schematic and asked to explain what it does. I know what all the component parts of this instruction mean, but I’ll be blowed if I know how to combine them correctly. If I had written it, I would definitely have included more detail, and also a diagram showing which part of the centre you were attaching the petals to. I initially took it to mean literally the absolute centre, as in the central hole in the green disc, which threw me for a good 20mins or so while I tried to work out how on earth to backstitch into a hole.

Anyway, after a few failed attempts, I stitched the petals to the outside edge of the centre, pushing the needle through just under the ring of “V” stitches on the edge. With hindsight, I should have just pushed the needle into the back of the stitches forming the centre. I did the backstitch more along the chain than over it, bringing the needle up into the next gap in the chain, and pushing it back through the previous gap (the gaps are fairly visible in the first photo of this post, at the base of the petals). I took a close up picture to try to show the backstitches (the ones done in green yarn).


And finally, the finished zinnia:


You can see a narrow band of stitching just under the “V”s from the backstitches. Next time, I’ll not go all the way through when stitching. However, I think past midnight is not when I do my best thinking. Also next time I’ll slip stitch under the chain rather than into it when making the petals – I’m never sure which part I should be going into for the various slip stitch situations that arise.

As flowers go, making the component parts was fairly simple. I can see why it was included as an intermediate pattern, finishing it was not elementary. It does resemble a zinnia somewhat, although they appear to have flatter petals that only point in an outwards direction. It’s pretty though, and looking at it makes me want to eat some lemon drizzle cake. Om nom nom.

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