29 Flowers, 29 Days: Day 12

Today’s flower: Oriental Poppy

I decided that to offset the inevitable mid-week panic (where I go, “Arghs! So busy! To the easy patterns!”) I’d attempt another advanced crochet pattern today. The oriental poppy (pattern 91) didn’t look too bad, the only difficulties lay in crocheting with black yarn and deciding how to attach the last three petals.

First, you make the centre out of black dk yarn (in my case, 100% acrylic with a 4mm hook). Then you rip it out and start again, as you can’t see where any of the stitches are, and find somewhere with better light. Three petals are added to the outside to form this:


You then realise how many ends there are already to darn in and freak out slightly:


I actually decided that it was pointless continuing until I’d dealt with them, so I did, and ended up with the following:


I carried the red under the black central parts using the tapestry crochet technique to avoid breaking the yarn and creating more ends. I also realised that on its side, the three petal poppy somewhat resembled a ladybird:


Finally, I added on the last three petals and stamens. The book said “with right side facing, join yarn in back of the dc…” which confused me greatly. I eventually decided to ignore the right side facing bit (to me this meant with the front of the petal facing you, which really doesn’t work if you’re crocheting behind the petal) and, with a bit of cursing, stuck the hook through the dc “post” on the wrong side of the petal to join the yarn. It seemed to work ok, but be the judge of that yourself:


Slightly different angle to show the stamens more:


It does actually look like the one in the book, and coincidentally, like an oriental poppy. ;) I’m slightly amazed as I wasn’t sure I’d interpreted the confusing bit right. So yeah, two advanced patterns slain! Maybe I’ll be brave and attempt an intermediate knitting pattern next weekend (if the previous knitted flowers are anything to go by, I’ll need a whole day to complete it).

4 thoughts on “29 Flowers, 29 Days: Day 12

  1. Next time you make this, try working the first round of petals in front loops only. Then you can attach second round in the back loops. That’s how I make roses without having to sew multiple pieces together.

    • That would definitely work, thanks for the suggestion, although as the front petals are made across 3 stitches, making the back petals tbl would offset them from the central “gap” by one stitch (if it was an even no. of stitches then no problems). The way in the pattern was to make a chained “bar” around the back of the petals (between the central dcs of each front petal), and then crochet around that, so there wasn’t any sewing together required.

  2. Your dad said you are very creative. I said: hmmm, you’ll do anything to avoid going into the 2nd bedroom…… Delay the pain…….

    • We did DIY yesterday though! That’s why the pictures look duller in the second half of the post – the first lot were taken in daylight, before DIY, and the rest after DIY in the evening. :P

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