29 Flowers, 29 Days: Day 10 & 11

Two flowers in one post! Yesterday’s flower was a geranium.


I made this while at the pub with some colleagues after work. Friday does seem to be pub night atm, and by the time I got home there wasn’t time to charge my failed camera battery and take photos to go up on the blog. It’s alright as flowers go – I seem to have made a mistake with the orange at the point where it changes to yellow, but I’ll see if I can fix that when darning. Also, not a terribly close match to a geranium either (believe it or not, those were the colours used in the book). Next time I will use red, pink or white (without any yellow or orange for the centre either) as I always think of geraniums in those colours.

So onto today’s flower, that favourite of Easter, the cheerful daffodil!

I decided to be adventurous and wander into the advanced crochet pattern section of the book. I did think the first few were a bit beyond me, but this one looked ok. First, make two rings of three petals:


I was in three minds on how to do the tips, so the right hand ring petals each have a slightly different tip due to my experimentation. The next stage was to join the two together. I was quite confused by this, until I realised I needed a slip ring already on the crochet hook, like so:


The book usually says how you join the yarn for the next stage, but omitted to say anything about it for this one. Anyway, this is what they looked like joined:


All that was left to do now was the trumpet column, and then there was a daffodil!


I’m pleased as punch with this one I must say. :D And I’m also pretty relieved to be posting it up before midnight! That never happens. :) Early night for me tonight (that is unless I get sucked into Skyrim, in which case I’ll probably just collapse at the keyboard some time around 5a.m.).

6 thoughts on “29 Flowers, 29 Days: Day 10 & 11

  1. advanced crochet? O_O

    I think I’ll stick to knitting! I’ve been learning different cast on techniques- been trying Turkish cast on (also known as Latvian cast on according to the book) it’s not going that well, Vogue really suck at writing instructions lol. Might try an invisible cast on next, although what I’ll knit form that starting point is anyone’s guess.

    • Some of the “advanced” crochet patterns arn’t really that advanced (i.e. the two patterns I’ve tried so far ;) ). This one I think was in just because it’s a bit tricky joining the two petal rings together. The poppy one, again, because it’s a bit tricky joining the last three petals on. As long as you spend 5 mins or so thinking before leaping in, they’re ok. :) However, I have been skipping past a few of the other patterns to find the easier ones – they say things like “dc around the post of the dc below”. I *think* I know what that means, but I’m not brave enough to try it out yet!

      Anyway, knitting the flowers takes F.O.R.E.V.E.R. so I’m much preferring crochet with respect to speed!

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