29 Flowers, 29 Days: Day 7

Day 7’s flower is the Old Fashioned Pink (photo in the link is from this blog post by Hoot Owl Hollow nursery). It’s also known as dianthus plumeria; other dianthus family flowers include sweet william and carnations to give you more of an idea of what it should look like. It’s no. 65 in the book, an intermediate crochet pattern.

On Saturday I did a round of the yarn shops in Derby and spectacularly failed to find any 4ply cotton. Apparently anyone looking for 4ply cotton in the middle of winter is certifiably insane. However, Hook & Eye had a pretty good offer on stranded embroidery cotton – buy 6 for £1! – so I bought 12 of those and a 2mm crochet hook to tide me over to this weekend when I’ll visit a better stocked yarn shop.


Anyway, I’ve no idea if 2mm is a good size for embroidery cotton (it’s probably still a bit too large) but when I tried it out, everything seemed to go ok.


The threads are a bit springier than DK cotton/acrylic and were liable to leap off my hook, so I quickly learnt to keep a finger on them whilst manoeuvring. Finally, a flower appeared:


I’m quite pleased with how the embroidery threads embodied this flower – pinks are very delicate, slightly frilly flowers, with thin petals that flutter. The stranded cotton actually manages to give off that impression, whereas I reckon making it out of DK acrylic would have resulted in the pink’s stout auntie.

So there we have it, a week’s worth of flowers! Just another 3 weeks to go. I need to think of what to do with all these flowers when I finish – any suggestions welcomed! Along with any suggestions for which flower to do next (most common flowers are represented). I know which one I’m doing for next Tuesday though. ;)

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