29 Flowers, 29 Days: Day 6

I felt quite bad about not doing a knitted pattern on Sunday, so yesterday I decided to squash my reservations and dive into the field poppy pattern (no. 1 in the book).

I got as far as row 2 before I came across the first obstacle: KFB. *flips to knitting acronyms* “Knit Front and Back Loops” What on earth? So while I was waiting for the laptop to boot up, I started on the centre instead:


Finally, I was able to look up how to “kfb” and get on with making the four petals. Skip forward 2.5 hours:


That took SO LONG. Sunday’s buttercup took less than 30mins to complete, and that was with the odd ripping back where I’d gone in the wrong stitch. I did get faster – the third petal took 27mins, and the fourth took 23mins – but I could have made about five buttercups in that time. Anyway, even with all the component parts constructed, the whole thing still needed making up. First, sew the petals in pairs:


They look like a pair of bow ties. Maybe I should make a ventriloquist doll and pin one to his throat. Next, sew the “bow ties” together to make a cross:


Then attach the centre in a spirally circle:


Next sew the petals together in the corners to make them form a bowl and do running stitch in black around the insides of the petals, two stitches per petal (I forgot to take a photo of these stages as it was getting late). I brought the yarn back to the middle after each petal so that you couldn’t see it crossing between petals (this photo kind of illustrates this, really it’s just to prove I did get rid of all the ends… ;) ):


Finally, do a french knot around each running stitch. Bring the needle up behind a running stitch:


Then wrap the yarn around the needle two or three times, keeping the yarn under tension (or holding it with a finger) so it doesn’t leap off your needle:


Then push the needle through the petal on the other side of the running stitch:


Repeat for the other seven stitches and then finally go to sleep! It appears that for knitting you really do have to do the french knots around a running stitch, otherwise they disappear into the item when you pull them tight (so I found). For embroidery, you can skip the running stitch bit as cloth tends to be less “holey”. ;)

Finally, your field poppy might look a bit like this:


Wahey! Sorry this post is a bit later than usual –  I thought that this pattern warranted a bit more explanation than just a “Ta-Dah!” picture. Anyway, first knitted flower down. I learnt a few things (like how to kfb and do a french knot) but I just wish it hadn’t taken so long. I’ll have to aim for at least one knitted flower per week, otherwise I’ll not do any more! Probably back to crochet for tonight’s flower though. ;)

8 thoughts on “29 Flowers, 29 Days: Day 6

    • Definitely squished sea sheep. I got it in a knitting/crochet magazine (in fact, the one I bought in order to learn how to crochet). It was a Christmas special so they had 8 mini-balls of squished sea sheep in various colours (red, green, yellow, blue, etc.). I think it looks more tomatoe-y in the pictures than it does in real life though.

  1. I’m very impressed at the quality and dedication, especially the poppy. They all look so pretty though. Well done! :)

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