29 Flowers, 29 Days: Day 5

Today’s flower: Buttercup


I’m so tired – it’s 2am again – so unfortunately that brief photo will have to encompass everything that went into the buttercup for today. Reason why I’m tired, it’s late and that’s a crocheted not knitted flower? Cakes to take to work tomorrow, as it was my birthday and cakes are demanded.

Lemon drizzle cake (recipe), pre drizzle:


Disastrous carrot cake (recipe here, which I’ve tried before 3 times very successfully, but not in this cake tin (yes I’m blaming my tools like a bad workman ;) ) ), with sunken centre:


Tried icing it in stripes, that failed miserably too (not enough icing sugar concentration) so used the time-honoured fix all of covering it in white chocolate stars:


Blurry photo is blurry. :( BTW, if you put the stars on while the cake is still warm, they go soft and stick to the cake.

Finally (and this is more for my friend Barry, who’s computer this used to be, and for my friend unitled) I have a working computer that I can install and run games on for the first time in 4 years:


The question is, now I can actually play games again, will I still carry on with crochet and knitting? Only time will tell (I’m betting that I will btw).

4 thoughts on “29 Flowers, 29 Days: Day 5

  1. From a mother’s point of view: a very pretty crocheted flower, very impressed. Lemon diizzle cake and carrot cake: looked yummy too. You and computer games: definitely not a good mix as you get on too well togehter.

    Self discipline: go to bed early, have a healthy life style P L E A S E . YOU OWE IT TO YOUR PARENTS TO LOOK AFTER YOURSELF. This is from Confucious.

    • Mum, you can’t claim to quote from Confucious without preluding it with “Confucious says:”. I went to bed earlier last night anyway. With hindsight I should have left Doncaster earlier but I was enjoying myself too much. :) The main problem was coming home to find loads of chores that needed doing imminently.

  2. Three cakes! That’s impressive. Everyone at my work buys cakes from M&S on the way from the station.

    Nice buttercup as well! The name reminds me of The Princess Bride – a film that you leant to me once.

    • Only two cakes – one of the photos is of the same cake with added chocolate stars. :) But yeah, lots of people here buy M&S cakes too, it’s just nicer to bring in home baked ones. Also I like baking but rarely feel motivated to do it, so I use this as an excuse.

      The Princess Bride is an AMAZING film. My favourite in fact, as you well know. I’m glad you like the buttercup. :)

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