29 Flowers, 29 Days: Day 4

Today’s flower: Borage

I seem to be posting these later and later – my current excuse is that I’m at my parents over the weekend and we stayed up to watch Troll Hunter, which finished at 2am… It’s a brilliant black comedy Norwegian film, about trolls, and people that hunt trolls. You’d never guess that from the title. <.<

Back on topic, have a borage flower in progress:


One of my favourite mugs is lurking in the background. Yay for the Hungry Caterpillar! Anyway, it took about one more minute to add a bit of green yarn between the petals and extend that into a stem. I thought to myself, “Wow, that was quick! Seems a bit of a cop out to just do that as a flower of the day.” then I re-read the pattern and saw the bit that said, “Make 7”. *sigh* At this point, Rob appeared, and wanted to have a go at crocheting, so we did the next two in parallel, me showing him what to do at each step. Unfortunately for me, Rob is left handed, which meant I then had to quickly learn how to crochet left-handed so I could demonstrate. Arghs! It felt so strange but I’d got used to it by the end of the flower, after which it then felt strange to go back to right handed (Rob decided one flower was enough). Here’s his effort, it’s pretty good for a first attempt:


Eventually, all 7 were finished:


Yet another favourite mug is lurking in the background. Yay for wols! (the spelling of wol there is deliberate) Finally, here’s how they look as a bouquet:


Tomorrow I might attempt a knitted flower. Scary! I might even make a non-flower-a-day related post (shock horror!). See you then. :)

4 thoughts on “29 Flowers, 29 Days: Day 4

  1. Assuming she doesn’t already own one, my sister would be immensely jealous of your Very Hungry Caterpillar mug. Where’d you get it?

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