29 Flowers, 29 Days: Day 3

Day 3! I had one slight problem today, in that it is my birthday on the 4th (Saturday) and therefore today I went to the pub with work mates and got back home about an hour ago, since when I’ve been chatting and drinking tea with Rob and my friend Eddie (who’s staying overnight). How insufferably British. Anyway, I will not let all this merriment stop me in my flower making quest! Post Wetherspoons roast beef dinner, I attempted the scabious pattern (whilst 3 pints to the wind I must admit, and listening to people guessing the relative Rotten Tomato scores of various films, e.g. Die Hard vs. Die Hard 2: Die Harder). Following are some photos taken in various amounts of pub gloom, depending on how successful the flash was:




Look! Look! I darned the ends in! Here’s a photo taken back home in less gloom:


The centre is Wendy Supreme Cotton DK in something like “Ice Blue” or “Frost”, a change from my usual 100% acrylic DK, but I reverted to type for the bright blue outer petals. :) I would have used a darker blue, but I don’t actually own any. Tomorrow, tomorrow I shall visit the yarn shop and buy more suitable flower making yarn!

One final photo of the whole flower collective (all ends darned in! I had a productive lunch break today!):


Awesome sauce. 3 down, 26 to go! This is Gemma, slightly drunkled (ok, pretty drunkled), signing off. Good night everyone!

2 thoughts on “29 Flowers, 29 Days: Day 3

  1. It’s a travesty die hard didn’t have a 100% rating. Also, I was incredibly offended Phil thought that revenge of the sith was BETTER than empire strikes back. WTF

    Anyway, flower looks good today, especially considering points and low pub lights. Save one of the ready ones for me!

    • Do you mean easy? :) I quite often strongly disagree with a lot of what Phil says. I almost think he says these things just to get a rise out of people. <.< But then, he likes BrewDog's Punk IPA, so obviously the man has no taste (buds) whatsoever. ;) Looking forward to some classic FPS action today!

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