29 Flowers, 29 Days: Day 2

I looked at the field poppy pattern, saw that it involved knitting lots of small pieces and sewing them together, and then ran screaming back to the crochet section. I think I might leave that one until the weekend, or an evening when I’ve more time. Instead, after skipping past all the flowers whose colours I would struggle to recreate with my limited acrylic palette, I opted for flower no. 60, an intermediate crochet pattern of an aster.

So, off I went. (BTW, I apologise for the low quality of the following photos, my camera was struggling with the indoor light and didn’t want to focus well on the yarn. I’m going to try for some better ones tomorrow lunchtime in the daylight.).

Base first:


Then sepals:


And then a dilemma. What colour to use for the petals? The illustration in the book:


The closest colours to hand:


Seeing as asters come in all sorts of colours, I decided to use the pink. Then followed about 90mins worth of frustration trying to make the petals. I eventually worked out what I was supposed to be doing, and so the three leftmost petals are the most correct. I must say, crocheting into a chain (under both loops) is definitely the most tedious and irritating part of crochet. Gah! After the amount of time taken, I decided it wasn’t worth re-doing the first four (I would’ve gone absolutely mad) and opted to go straight to the stem. Which, now I’ve looked at the illustration in more detail, I realise I’ve done that slightly wrong as well. Oh well, nevermind. Have one completed aster!


And give it a hellebore for company:


There! 2 flowers down, 27 to go. And yes, I’ve still not darned in the ends. Today was a manic work day, so tomorrow will have to do. I really must go and get some 4 ply cotton in suitable colours too – I’m struggling to pick the next pattern to attack without a decent yellow on hand and a few different shades of blue/pink/purple. Any excuse to build the stash. ;)

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