Life returns to the garden

I have so much garden stuff to show you! It’s been ages since I last posted about it. Yesterday was my first chance to have a proper nose around the grounds during daylight, and take stock of how things fared over winter (I say that, we’re technically still in the middle of winter, and it’s been so mild I’m fairly sure it’ll probably get even colder in February).

In October/November, I spent hours and hours on my hands and knees in the front garden planting hundreds of bulbs (I did calculate, and I think it was nearing 200). Last week on my way to the car, I noticed that the crocuses had started poking shoots up through the lawn.



Yesterday, I peered out of the bedroom window and immediately started jumping around like a mad thing, clapping my hands with glee. The first crocus flower of spring!!! :D

DSCF4068 crocus

This made me so excited I had to grab my camera and run around taking photos of all the awesome growing things that had been quietly working they way up through the soil over the last few months. We have bluebells:


Bluebells I dug up when making my vegetable patch, left on the lawn and forgot about:


I cannot believe those are still alive. No frost protection whatsoever, bulbs yellowed, but they will not die. This may explain how they are slowly taking over my entire garden. Anyway, tulips! Growing in between bluebells!


It’s hard to tell, but the tulips are the more sage green, singular, slightly taller shoots sticking up above the darker green, bushier bluebells. There were also daffodils!


I did later scrape up all that moss on the path. I feel so much better having done that. Maybe later this year I’ll even finish scarifying the 50% of the back lawn I didn’t get around to last year…

I also had a gardening super failure, which I didn’t realise until I got out and about. I forgot to bring in one of my cactus bowls before winter set. I think I ran out of places to put them in the house by the time I got to that one, and I then forgot to bring it in when I did have space later on. Anyway, both bowl and cactus look very sorry for themselves. :(


That large piece of terracotta? That used to be attached to the side of the bowl. I guess I should be thankful that there’s only one major casualty (there were a few more, but those were things like bargain supermarket plants bought for 15p and suchlike, and therefore almost expected to die off). But I don’t want to end on a sad note, so have a photo of my hyancinth that’s been sitting on the kitchen windowsill:


The hyacinth’s in a hyacinth glass – you fill it with water to just below the neck, sit the bulb in the top, keep it in a dark cupboard for about a month until the leaves have grown up to about 3 or 4 inches then bring it out into the sunlight. The silver foil was a tip I read somewhere (possibly Gardener’s World magazine) to keep the light out of the water so that you don’t get algae growing in it, but it also makes it look a bit more decorative. :) And that’s probably more than enough photos for one post. I have more gardening ones (can you tell I got very excited yesterday?), but I’ll put them up separately tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “Life returns to the garden

  1. I am so proud of you my green fingered G A R L! Train your know who to do the inside and you the outside, then its PERFECT PARTNERSHIP!

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