Lavender Sachet Bag

Ok, not a Christmas project update, but something I’ve completed over the last few days; namely, one “Bag of Calm” made using a kit purchased from The Knitting Goddess around November last year for the princely sum of £2.75. I started it on the train from Sheffield to Doncaster (a Class 158 which looked very tired and worn inside), and managed in that time to wind the mini-skein (10g, 40m) into a centre pull ball, cast 24 stitches on to 3.25mm pins and knit the first row. Either I was super-speedy for me, or it shows you just how slow the stopping service is between the two places!

Photo 026

My first hand wound centre-pull ball of yarn! Made using this method which worked a lot better than I thought it would, especially once the first few metres had been pulled out (giving a larger hole in the middle and therefore less stuff to catch the yarn on). I don’t know how easy it would be to do with a larger skein though.

This is the completed rectangle before sewing into bag form:

Photo 027

I decided to use a basic checkerboard pattern four stitches wide and 5 rows deep (*k4, p4* for rows 1 – 5, *p4, k4* for rows 5 – 10, repeat until finished). The reason behind this was to get back into practise knitting after my year long hiatus before attempting to knit the sweater Mum requested for Christmas. Yes I do realise it’s 1.5 weeks into January. I’ve not even sent my Christmas cards yet. They will now be “Chinese New Year” cards…

Anyway, as I was saying, a slightly more advanced pattern than the previous knitting I did, with practise doing both knit and purl stitches and remembering to move the yarn backwards/forwards when switching between the two.

So, one final photo with the lavender sachet before sewing round the edges:

Photo 030

(please ignore the carpet, I know it’s a state, see my new year’s resolutions!)

Photo 039

Photo 040

Finished! I really liked this as a small quick project. The lavender sachet gives off a lovely, strong scent, and the checkerboard pattern has a really good texture to it as the knit squares sank deeper into the fabric than the purl squares. It also looks a lot neater with the edges sewn together – I’ve not yet worked out what to do with the loose last stitch on each row that makes all the edges look untidy. I seem to remember something about knitting it together with the second stitch and increasing later on, but I’ll have to research it properly before my next project.

Speaking of, the next planned project is to make another face flannel but more involved than the last one (again, stepping up the complexity on something small before attempting the scarf-sweater). It will be either the Leaf Lace Washcloth by Jan Eaton or the Elfin Lace Cloth by NightlyKnitter in Wendy Supreme Cotton DK, or I may do both depending on how badly the first goes. I’m leaning towards doing the Leaf Lace one first at the moment.

Hopefully I can post up what I did over Christmas tomorrow, it involves Chinese Knotting exploits!

5 thoughts on “Lavender Sachet Bag

  1. Very good little project. It will make a nice birthday present for your friends. Next time make it a bit bigger and can be put in drawers to make clothes smell lovely. I’m impressed.

    • Thanks for checking out the post! :) The yarn was from an online shop called “The Knitting Goddess”, 4ply 75% merino and 25% nylon superwash sock yarn (10g mini-skein) in “Lavender Field”. You can find it here:
      although if you intend to make lots it would probably be better to get the 100g skein instead (or indeed find someone local to you that sells lovely hand dyed multicoloured yarn!). The lavender sachet is made from muslin – it came with the kit, but I have plans to make my own for future ones.

      All the best with your projects! I had a quick skim read of your blog, love the crafting space you have set up.

      • Thanks for the detailed information! I’ve only bought yarn from Joann’s and Michaels so I think it’s time to branch out – I will definitely check out that site!

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