Happy New Year

So a slightly late post to say “Happy new 2012”! Let’s hope it’s a good one.

Obligatory new year’s resolutions post:

  1. Complete all the knit/crochet projects I’ve got in my to-do list as of this minute (before adding new ones!);
  2. Related to post 1 – Reduce the stash! (I firmly believe this will naturally happen if I complete all the aforementioned projects that led to the stash in the first place);
  3. Attempt lace, in both crochet and knitting;
  4. Attempt cables, again in both crochet and knitting;
  5. Get the veg patch going;
  6. Plant out all the sorry looking things that have been sat in pots on my patio for months;
  7. Extend the border down the side of the garden;
  8. Sort out the garden fencing.

In non blog related things:

  1. Iron at least one shirt a week;
  2. Finish the 2nd bedroom (this is the current dragging-on-neverending DIY project);
  3. Get the house into a state where I can have visitors round without cringing internally;
  4. See more films at the cinema and get out to more gigs!

Hopefully all those are achievable, although I’m not sure about the ironing one (I’m already behind on that one). I would make a resolution about going to bed earlier/getting up earlier if I didn’t know that it was completely hopeless.

Christmas break crafting update to follow once my camera battery has finished charging. Spoiler: Lots planned, but not much completed. One day I will realise my brain is incredibly optimistic about how much time things take, not to mention my ability in carrying them out or the way life seems to get in the way at every opportunity.

2 thoughts on “Happy New Year

  1. Priority number one is to train Gaz to sort out the inside of the house (2nd and 3rd bedroom, lounge, kitchen) then you can concentrate on the garden! Wishful thinking.

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