First completed piece of knitting!

I finally finished the face flannel I started about a year ago!

Face flannel 1

Face Flannel 1

This is my first piece of “proper” knitting, after the two fashion scarves I made ages and ages ago (Katia Ondas one ball one scarf projects, one for Mum and one for Rob’s Mum). They don’t really count though as tension doesn’t matter at all, and you can rattle one off without knowing anything much about knitting at all (I didn’t then anyway). Anyway, I digress. The flannel pattern was taken off’s easy knitting patterns for beginners and is the Stockinette Stitch Washcloth one, using Wendy Supreme Cotton DK in 1901 “Surf”.

Despite its slightly trapezoidal nature and a small disastrous section of moss stitch border, I’m quite pleased with the flannel overall. It could be much worse! I’m just glad it’s finished. It sat on the needles untouched for about 8 months (coincidentally or not just after the disastrous section of border) and I thought, “come on, let’s just finish this and start summat else”. So I decided I didn’t care if it wasn’t quite long enough to be square, and just did four rows to finish off the border. I then encountered casting off, and how easy it is to drop a stitch whilst casting off, but nevermind.

So, to the next item! My current WIP is a mug cosy for someone at work in the secret santa. We had a budget to spend of £1. So far, I have spent 5p on a button. I might spend the other 95p on sweets or something.

Mug Cosy 1

It uses treble stitches (a new stitch for me) along with two strands of yarn at the same time (another first) and it’s taking me far longer to do than I thought due to the difficulty of getting the (rather blunt) 5.5mm hook to go under both chain loops for each stitch. Still, it’s going ok, and when I look at it now it reminds me of mint chocolate ice cream. Om nom nom!

Finally, have some pretty photos of the frost feathers on Gladys’ roof the other morning:

Car roof frost 1

Car roof frost 2

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