Creating a vegetable patch (part 1)

So three weekends ago I finally found myself home alone (the OH being off on an airsofting weekend) and able to garden guilt free without thinking that I should be doing house work or other less exciting things.

Three things were bugging me:

  1. The large pile of soil left at the end of the garden from when I had a soakaway put in 1.75 years ago was now absolutely covered in weeds. I did managed to dig out the small damson trees growing in it around September time (complete with unexpected root snapping followed by comedy falling backwards arse over tit), but not managed to do anything else on it since.
  2. The smaller pile of things I’ve bought but not yet planted.
  3. The inevitable onset of frosty weather as the year draws to a close.

With these in mind, I decided to weed the soil pile and turn it into a vegetable patch (and holding bed for all the things I didn’t have time to dig out a proper flower bed for – my garden is mostly grass, moss, weeds and hedge, with a few fruit trees on the side)..

First job, brave the compost bins, not touched for 18 months except to chuck stuff into the top.


Wow, amazingly some of it had actually rotted down into useable compost! Apart from the egg shells, and oddly lettuce hearts. Note to self: In future, crush eggshells before adding to compost bins, or save dry, crushed egg shell to use as slug and snail repellent.

Then, to weeding. The next photo was taken halfway through the process:


Whilst weeding, I found the little fellow below. Not sure what type of mushroom it is – I later went round to my friend Peter‘s house and looked it up in his fungi tome (apparently the definitive guide to British fungi) and we think it might be a velvet shank but there’s so many that I can’t be sure.


Weeding completed, I forked through the whole patch and removed a large amount of rubble. I later discovered that this was the remains of a concrete path and its brick/hardcore foundation. Nice. Then I raked it level and went in for a cuppa. If you look carefully at the fence, you’ll see one plank is shorter than the rest. Whilst enjoying said cuppa, a robin came out of there and hopped all over the fresh earth, looking for worms and proclaiming himself king of my rake. I’ve not seen him since last winter, so I’m well chuffed there’s a robin about again!


By this time it was about midday on Sunday. And as it’s now very late and I should sleep, I’ll continue the epic saga of vegetable patch creation tomorrow. I forgot just how long blog posts take to write, especially when trying to work out a new editor and why Flickr photos won’t post using the URL option.

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